When can I expect my pre-order to arrive?

Prints are processed after the preorder date has passed (This can be found in the description of the print on the product shop). If you've ordered a signed print, this will typically take around 10 days to process. For framed prints, this will take around 14 days. It's a bit of a lengthy wait from your order, but allows us to order the exact amount of prints required so no paper is wasted. We hope you agree it is worth the wait, but are always open to feedback.

What do I do if I received a damaged print?

I take extra care to ensure prints are packaged securely, however should the print or the frame arrived damaged, please contact me at whiskycartoons@gmail.com and I will arrange a refund or a replacement.

What framer do you use?

We work with A&M Sproson framers, St Andrews.

What size is my print?

Prints are sized A4

How do you draw the cartoons?

I use a combination of pencil and ink, then the finished drawing is edited on photoshop to include the caption.

I would like to arrange a commission

I'm not in a position to take on a commission just now, however if you are prepared to pay oodles of cash then I might be tempted, so get in touch if so.